Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Greetings from Lansing!

It’s been a week since I left the UP and I miss it like crazy, mostly the cooler weather. However, this week has gone by in a whirlwind of last minute preparations and shopping. Emily’s family keeps me busy. When I am not packing or trying to help Emily sort through her belongings I am being kept busy with Asher, Emily’s nephew. He makes me miss my lil Oliver more and more every day.
Yesterday I went to the Renaissance fair with Emily’s family. I’ve been going with them for three years now and each time I see something new and I always have fun.  This year I even had a dress to wear! The last couple years I’ve improved with Emily, but I made sure I could dress up. I usually hate wearing dresses but I didn’t mind this. Maybe it was because I could pretend to be a princess even though I’m just a lowly bar-wench.  It was at the Renfair that Emily and I discovered we have a cold. Just the thing we need before a flight, eh? So we are spending Sunday sleeping, drinking, and going to the going away party her dad is throwing her.
 I will meet the other side of her family for the first time. Her mom’s side reminds me a lot of my family, so the going away party for her mom’s side was pretty fun and normal for me. Sunday I went to her dad’s going away party for her. I wish I was most social, but I was too out of it. Emily and I were falling asleep on the couch! Luckily, we both made it back to her mom’s house without getting into a car accident. As soon as we made it back we fell asleep for close to 15 hours, pretty sure that we have gotten over this cold. We will be ready to fly out in 3 days!


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