Monday, March 4, 2013

Breathtaking Füssen

Neuschwanstein Castle!!!

     Finally! I made it out of Stuttgart! And I was on my way on a slow regional train to beautiful Füssen. Füssen is a little town nestled in the Alps and is most famous for its skiing and many castles. The regional train was perfect to take because I was able to travel through the country side at a slow and steady pace (of course I took a ton of photos of the snow covered hills and towns).

One of the churches around the town.
      When I arrived to Füssen it was about 2 in the afternoon and I had one mission stuck in my head and heart: too see the Neuschwanstein Castle (the castle that Disney based many of its castles on). I had texted my host, Michael, to let him know I was in town and to see if I could drop my stuff off to his place. But he was at work and would not be able to get me until 6pm. He also informed me that I would not be able to go into the castle because it was too late in the day. But I decided that as long as I was able to see the castle, even from a distance, I would be just as happy. So from the minute I stepped off the train into the platform I begun my search for the magnificent castle!

I really had no idea where to go and there were not many maps around for me to analyze so I pretty much just chose a general direction and headed off. All of the buildings, shops, and scenery was all designed so beautifully. I did not end up finding the castle upon my first embarkment, instead I found a modern castle next to a big cathedral and a park that led me to a high view of a part of the city and the Alps. I could have stayed in this spot all day long. But I made my way back to the inner city to find a tourist info centre to grab some maps and figure out how to get to the castle.

The more modern castle available to tour around. 

     Well it turns out that to get to the castle I had to take a bus 5km away to a smaller town where I would be dropped off at the base of the hill of which the castle rested upon. The bus was cheap and lovely but once I stepped off the bus and looked up my heart stopped. There it was, the castle I have dreamed of seeing in person, the castle which influenced the movies or my childhood. I almost cried because it was such a breathtaking sight to see the castle nestled among the snow covered alps with the sun setting right in front of it. I wanted to walk up to it but it was beginning to get dark and I did not want to lose my way. So I just took a million and half photos and hopped on the next bus back to Füssen.

By the time I was back in Füssen the shoppes were closing and I snuck into a few to grab some souvenirs and postcards. Then I found my way to a quaint cafe near the main station to warm up with a hot cup of tea and write out some postcards. Michael soon called me and let me know he was at the station so I rushed out to meet him and go grocery shopping with him for our dinner that night.

A view of SOME of the surrounding hills and the Alps.

Michaels flat was super nice and he told me of all his recent renovations and decorating. We had great conversation over dinner and afterwards his friend came up to watch some television with us. His friend did not speak English so I switched to German and we talked for hours about living in Füssen.

The next morning I woke up early and headed on my way to Munich. But for now, Füssen would always have a place in my heart as a spot so lovely and so beautiful that I would definitely find myself returning soon to create new memories.

XOXO Emily

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