Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just another average week

   So this past week was pretty average. We are slowly getting to know our surroundings. We've both made a few oops, but that's normal.
One of my many oops. You can apparently order liquor in cafes. 
    I mean I bought a kilo of plums because I didn't know what a kilo of  plums was. Just for future reference that is about 2 pounds of plums, aka a lot of plums. What did I do with these said plums? Well I made a cake! It was very yummy and who ever ate it said good things about it. My flatmates are going to love me, because I just love to bake. They've recently discovered the amazingness of No Bake cookies, after I screwed up a batch.
Our German is slowly improving. We each have different ways of learning. Emily watches a lot of TV with her flatmates, while I bake. I made the mistake of buying the wrong kind of oatmeal for the cookies and I had to describe to my flatmates what I needed. They eventually told me what I needed. We joked that I shouldn't go shopping alone, but it is usually. Janeck usually goes with me and he explains what objects are and has me repeat him until he is sure that I know what it is in German. To each their own right?
   We've also been exploring Oldenburg, when it's not raining, by bike. It is so much fun! Emily bought her own bike Wednesday I think and that ride alone was a few miles into unknown territory. We almost got lost, but someone brought her handy-dandy map. That map is a lifesaver sometimes. I'm just glad someone is usually prepared, since I'm usually not.
View from the Ferris wheel.
   We have run into our amazing friends Sharif, Henning, and Nick. Not all at once, but all of them have  noticed us before we've noticed them. It was fun seeing them after a few months and on their turf! We are planning a Sunday night football day with Henning and Nick. That should be fun! Things are bound to get more interesting over the next few weeks. I mean Emily is going to write about our time in Berlin and Dresden and after that we have orientation to talk about! I can't wait to finally start classes. Sometimes you just get bored when you have nothing to do.
   Oh, we did have one super exciting thing we did this week besides getting lost, discovering that flannel is popular(I wish I would of known sooner or I wouldn't of left most of mine home.), and winning the pub quiz Wednesday. It is called Kramermarkt! I'm not too sure what they are celebrating, but it is like our county/state fair.We even rode the Ferris wheel. It is a blast. We went with Ruben(Spanish kid on the 3rd floor) and Emily's flatmates. We did run into some other internationals. We did end up joining them and meeting some more students. I'm slowly falling in love with the area, but it still brings the heartache of homesickness since it is so close to the UP. But enough of me just blabbering on, it's time for my travel tips.

1. Before you leave know how you destress and relax, mine is baking. It makes it easier to deal with the irritability of homesickness.
I count the trucks I've seen. So far it's 8.

2. Don't be afraid to get lost. Just take pictures of some landmarks (and excuse to take pictures) and maybe a map.

 3.Do thinks with you flatmates, host siblings, or anyone you can. It helps you makes friends, understand a language, and have fun.

4. Try to say yes instead of no. If you get invited to do something or go somewhere take up to offer if you can. If you say no too many times then the offers won't be offered again.

5. Just keep your mind open. It makes life simpler.

6. Remember to laugh and try not to get frustrated. Especially when things don't go your way, it starts to get difficult, of if you just want to cry. It might seem tough now, but laughter always helps even the most bleak things seem a little bit lighter. You might look like an idiot, but why not?

Now that I made up for my lack of tips from my last post and I blabbered on about nothing, I can leave you all in peace.

Ash xoxo

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