Friday, October 5, 2012

Night Clubs and Castles

The Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

        This past weekend Ashley and I were planning a trip to beautiful Prague with Benny. However, due to some misfortunes we had to delay our trip by a day which meant we would not have enough time for Prauge.  So what did we decide instead? One day in Berlin and the next in Dresden! Sounds good enough! But first the parade of Kramermarkt:

Some acrobatic girls at the ParadeThe Parade was so much fun. We really did not even know it was happening, I was only taking out some of the recycling for my flat when I heard the sounds of a marching band. As I followed the noise I came upon the main street where there was a huge parade procession. There were acrobatics doing awesome stunts, party floats that were throwing out confetti, candy shops handing out large heart-shaped cookies, local organizations giving out candy, roses, and pamphlets. As I stood there tons of candy just shot towards where I was and I noticed two of the cutest girls trying to collect it all. So, as the candy landed I helped the girls pick them up and put them into the bags (of course I kept a few for myself to try). The girls were so proud of themselves by the time the parade ended and their huge tote bags were filled to the brim with candy and popcorn. The parade itself took about 2 hours from start to finish and there was never a dull moment.  

        By the time the parade ended Benny had found his way into Oldenburg and was ready to pick us up to head on out. The way to Berlin was about 4 hours by Autobahn. Benny went fast a few times but always slowed down when and if we asked him to. But he is a good driver so we were happy just going the speed he was already going. By the time we reached Berlin it was 8pm and we were slightly tired. Benny's friend Ricardo was kind enough to let us crash at his place for the night and offered to show us around a bit. After a pep-talk and a pre-game session we decided to go out to a hip night club in Berlin called "Sisypho". Oh. My. Goodness. The club was fantastic. It was partially outside and partially inside. The outside was where you entered and it was fenced in by this tall wooden fence. And around the inside were broken down trucks, built up gazeebo's, fireplaces, etc all with cushions and blankets to keep people warm and happy. And do not forget the flashing lights everywhere lighting up the place. The inside were a few different abandoned buildings built into disco clubs. There were 3 rooms in total each playing a different style of music. My personal favorite was the main stage with huge blocks of squares built into one large square which flashed blue lights below it. We ended up staying there from 1am until 7am. Just enough time to party, party, party and then see the sunrise! Website:

 The Siegessaule, Berlin (Victory Statue)

         The next day we woke up around noon and started our day. We packed our bags and the car, got breakfast, and headed out on the subway to reach our next destination: Berlin's City Center. We decided because we did not have a lot of time to explore Berlin that we would take a tour bus around the city. It was only 10 Euro and was the best way to see the city in one day. The English translator was not very good so we gave up paying attention to her and made our own commentary. We saw many cool buildings like the Presidents office, the Berlin University, St Mathhaus Church, the Siegessaule, and the Brandenburger Tor. It was all so lovely that we did not want to leave. But alas, after a wonderful meal at a cute little Italian restaurant named "Gorgonzola" (the food was the best so far!) we headed out to Dresden.

 A beautiful view of Dresden along the river.    

         The road to Dresden was less busy and time and we got there around 11am. First thing we grabbed some breakfast at a little cafe. It was really good and filling. Then Benny left us to go check out his new apartment in Freiburg. Which meant that the two goofy American girls were left to explore Dresden on their own (oh boy!). We found another bus tour for 20 Euro and decided to hop onto it. It had headphones that we could listen to in English but it was so delayed in its translation that we were never near the places it described. Also, it would be in the middle of a description then just break off and head to the next one. So we never really knew what was going on and at the end we had the biggest headaches because of all the  information, the delay, and the constant break ups. So we decided to take a break and get some coffee and gelato. By the time we finished our coffee and gelato and explored Dresden a bit more it was time for dinner. Benny wanted us to go to this medieval restaurant! It was very fun, the set up was very time-realistic and the food was good! The best part I think is at the end when Ashley and I were standing at the entrance waiting for Benny the cute baker boy gave us a piece of cookie he was baking because we were watching him make it. Benny laughed at us but I think he was jealous that he did not get any!

By the time we left Dresden to head back to Oldenburg it was 10pm which meant we did not arrive to Oldenburg until 2am. We were very tired at this point and headed straight to bed.
 A small ferris wheel in Dresden, of course we rode on it!

Until next time, love always, XOXO Emily

Travel Tips:

1. When traveling to a new city try not to let anything pass. Do as much as you can no matter  how tired you are. You will have so much more fun and have great stories for later.

2. It is important to be connected socially. Whether this means a phone, facebook, twitter, etc. you should have one. This way you can be informed about events, outings, and friends/family back home.

3. Expect to spend money where ever you go. Going to a new country and not wanting to do anything because it costs money is no way to travel. People will think you are off put and you will miss out on so much. If  you do not want to spend much then budget yourself. 

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