Friday, December 21, 2012

Deutschlands Weihnachtsmärkte

So recently I have been doing my best to go around to as many Weihnachtsmärkte (Christmas Markets) as possible. At each Market are different cups that you get Glühwein in and I keep these cups to send home! Glühwein is a type of hot spiced wine that keeps you warm in the winter cold and gives you a nice flush of the face without being too strong of an alcohol. Plan on me trying to make some when I get home for everyone to try.

Every big city has their own market. Everyone of them are special, different, and unique in their own way. The markets consist of food vendors selling steak sandwiches, bratwurst, pretzels, roasted chestnuts, powdered dough, candy, roasted almonds, and so much more. Also there are drink options for Eggnog, Glühwein, Feuerzangebowle, Hot chocolate, and Punch. Finally there are vendors that sell their products that are made locally. These vendors can include toys, candles, candle holders, lanterns, honey, honey products, kitchen supplies, knick knacks, and christmas ornaments.

The one here in Oldenburg is "Lamberti-Markt" and is a fairly small and quaint market near the Rathaus (government offices). It takes one about 20 minutes to walk through casually without stopping to look at any of the shops. But me being me, I stopped at every one of them and played, touched, smelled everything. I even had some more Glühwein in the Oldenburg cups. A lot of us internationals visited this at least once a week for some Glühwein and Feuerzangebowle (Spiced wine in a big pot with a cone of sugar atop of it resting on a metal plate with holes. Some rum would be poured over the sugar until it was mostly absorbed. The rum-soaked-sugar cone would then be set on fire so that the rum and sugar would bed added to the wine. It made for a sweet but yummy drink.)

So far I have been to the Christmas Markets in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, and Oldenburg. This upcoming Christmas Vacation will also bring me to the Dresden and Vienna Markets! I am very excited! Count on me getting more mugs!

I know this is a short post but we have a big vacation coming up and there will be plenty said about that!

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Travel Tips:

1. Smile, wherever you go, smile.

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